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Jane Iredale Beauty Bag | "Happy Browns" Angélique's Favourites

A while back I was invited to the launch of Angélique van de Winkel's collaboration with Jane Iredale. The Belgian makeup artist created three beauty kits, called "Happy Browns", "Happy Brights", and "Happy Deluxe", with existing cosmetics from Jane Iredale to match with a person's hair and eye color. I was able to test the first beauty kit, so here is my review!

I have known about Jane Iredale for quite some time, but I do not have a lot of experience with it. So far I have only tried one product and I was satisfied with that one, so I had good hopes about the beauty kits. Just a quick recap: Jane Iredale is all about mineral makeup. Makeup that looks good, but also is good for the skin (hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested)! It might not be the most inexpensive brand you will find, but certainly not the most expensive one either, and mineral makeup is a great option for those with sensitive skin or for those who want to take better care of their face. The "Happy Browns" beauty kit is targeted at people with medium to dark hair, and green to dark eyes. I suppose I fall under this category with my naturally pitch-black hair and dark brown eyes. The kit contains four beauty products (lip balm, lipstick, blush and eyeshadow) that is supposed to give you a natural and glowing look

The LipDrink SPF5 lip balm is the smallest product of the four. I think the beauty kit contains a tester size, because it basically is two knuckles long. It is quite lovely though, because it smells like something citrusy and leaves behind a barely visible shine that feels thick and nourishing. So if you do not want to wear anything visible on the lips or want to combine it with another lip product, then this lip balm allows that! Unfortunately, the let down came when I tried the Just Kissed Lip Plumper (3 gram/1 oz) in LA. I was really curious about the lipstick, because it had a pretty nude pink color with a golden-brown shimmer in it, but it was not meant to me. Like the lip balm, the lipstick comes in a simple but pretty silver with gold tube, and it also has a lovely fruity scent. As a lip plumper, and not just lipstick, I thought the product did a reasonable job at making my lips look a bit more luscious. However, when I tried to swatch it I noticed almost no color came off with just one swatch, then a little bit of shine became visible with the second swatch, and finally the pink was more apparent in the third swatch. I thought the lipstick would be more pigmented and more opaque even if it is meant to keep the lips natural and plump. My lips are also much more pigmented than my arm, so I feared the worst. 

With that in mind I decided to move on to the PurePessed Blush (2.8 gram/1 oz), which came in a pretty golden compact with a little mirror inside. The color in the "Happy Browns" beauty kit is called "Mocha", and looks brownish in the pan but still has a lot of pink in there. So let us go for pinkish-brown. The blush can also be used on the eyes and lips (a very wearable color), so you are not just restricted to the cheeks! The powder blends easily on the skin and the softness of the blush fades away slowly throughout the day (see swatch below). 

The PurePressed Eyeshadow comes in a similar looking golden compact with a mirror inside. The shade is called "Dawn" (1.8 gram/0.6 oz), and is a cool brown with a silky metallic finish. It reminded me a bit of "Thanks a Latte" by Benefit except that that one has a warm and golden finish. The brown eyeshadow is beautiful and will definitely work well as a natural color on my skin tone. Just like the blush, the eyeshadow is easy to blend and with some primer underneath it will stay put easily throughout the day. The blush, as you can see, looks more pink when swatched but a soft pink-brown shade when blended. 

The "Happy Browns" beauty kit is an investment of €75 for four products, which is a sensible deal if you consider that the items cost much more money when bought individually, and you are looking for products to give you a completed (and natural) look. It is €26 for the lipstick, €38.50 for the blush, and €21 for the eyeshadow; this adds up to €85,50 for just three products, so I'm guessing the tester-sized lip balm (I could not find a prize) is an added bonus. After wearing the products on my face repeatedly, I can say that I am satisfied with the eyeshadow and blush, because both allow me to go for a soft and romantic look. Even though the lipstick does make my lips look luscious and pretty, it does not give off enough pigment on my skin or lips (not to my liking, anyways). Even when I combine the lipstick with the lip balm, the color intensity does not increase. I think the lipstick is probably better suited for people with a lighter skin tone/less pigmented lips or for those who can appreciate this kind of subtlety more. What do you think? Would you find the Just Kissed Lip Plumper satisfactory? And which Jane Iredale product would you like to try out the most?! 

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  1. I have not heard a lot about Jane Iredale as a brand, but the lip thingy would majorly disappoint me. I want my lip products to be opaque!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. Ik heb weinig ervaring met hun lipproducten, maar ben héél erg enthousiast over hun oogschaduw en mascara. Vorig jaar op de persdagen herinner ik me nog dat ik werd opgemaakt met Jane Iredale producten en dat dat heerlijk zacht voelde op mijn huid. Niet zwaar, zoals sommige andere merken. Anyway, ik vind dat je een mooie look hebt gemaakt! :)

    See you tomorrow! xx

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Ja, de oogschaduwen kan ik ook niet over klagen :D heel fijn! Ja, klopt.. dat was echt een geslaagde look!! Thanks, girl!x

  3. The eyeshadow really is a pretty shade! Pretty packaging too. Too bad about the lipstick though.

    1. The packaging is gorgeous :) very pleasing!

  4. loved the blush and eyeshadow shade...Lipcolor looks dark in bullet :)
    Looking fresh..


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