Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Two Dashes of Glam | High School Makeup

With summer out of the way and reality setting back in, Melissa and I became a bit nostalgic. September is the month when everyone goes back to school (myself included) and so we started thinking about how we used to do our makeup when we were in high school. 

Now this challenge would have been really boring had I stuck with my go-to makeup look in high school, because that only included eye pencil (I was not wearing liquid eyeliner that often), mascara, and maybe some color on the lips every now and then. See the picture below! Instead of that look, I decided to go for a less frequent (but still common) beauty look that I describe as going a little crazy with the pink. Now do not get all these outrageous pink makeup looks in your mind... I wore pink to go for a soft and romantic look. Nothing outrageous. 

My go-to high school look: mascara, eyeliner.. and back then I still did my eyebrows!
I bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette when I was in NYC, so I only used eyeshadows from that palette. All over the lid I am wearing "Buen Fresco", then "Antique Bronze", "Cyprus Ember" and just a bit of "Venetian Red" in my crease. I wore "Vermeer" in my inner-V and "Primavera" in my lower waterline. Now these eyeshadows are super pigmented so I applied them softly, so the shades would not look too intense nor hard. Oh, you can expect a detailed review coming up on this palette soon! The eye pencil I wore is from Smashbox. I only used a little, though I could be known to wear heavy lines back in the day. I still do today (but only sometimes). On my cheeks I combined the blush "Orgasm" by Nars with the highlighter "Mary-Lou Manizer" by the Balm. Lipsticks tend to look really bright and hard on me, so I went for a balmy lipstick from Born Pretty Store

It can be interesting to see how one's makeup skills or looks have evolved over the years. I mean, high school was ages ago, but eyeliner and mascara are still my most essential products when wearing makeup.. and I still often go for those soft and romantic pink beauty looks. Click here and here to see two other examples of that high school-inspired look! Now it is time for Melissa. Apparently, Melissa did not go for soft and pink nor did she just stick with eyeliner and mascara. Nope! Melissa wore moody black smokey makeup! I am dying to find out how that turned out! Go check out her High School Makeup Look too and tell me what you think of our looks! What was your go-to beauty look for you? And how would you interpret that look today?

Edit: ok, so after browsing through my old hard disk I finally found a high school picture with a close-up of my face. Eyeliner and mascara! This was a bathroom selfie when I was 17ish (how myspace), I think. I don't have proper photos of me at a younger age, sorry! Those class photos are at my parents' place.



  1. Awww, I was so hoping to see high school pics of you :-D Love the look though! Looking very pretty in pink.

    1. Ok, started looking for my hard disk just for you! Now that old photo contains a look that would have been boring to recreate! Thanks.

  2. I would slap myself for the makeup I applied back then. If only I had stuck to mascara and black liner... Your pink look is really pretty, and something I would wear these days as well.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Haha, I did some crazy experimenting too though, but I didn't wear it to school or outside of my bedroom! I remember playing around with a blue lipstick I had. Blue eyes and blue lips xD

  3. Melissa en jij hebben dit echt leuk gedaan. Ik schaam mij kapot over mijn looks op de middelbare school maar ik heb nergens spijt van ;-)

  4. i loved the soft romantic glowy look you have created :)

  5. In het middelbaar droeg ik eigenlijk geen make-up! Dat was echt not-done bij ons :p
    Op feestjes deed ik dan een zwart lijntje onder mijn ogen, achteraf gezien was dat terrible, maar toen was het cool :p

    Ik vind jouw romantische look trouwens zeer geslaagd! :)

    Marlies -


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