Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two Dashes of Glam | Cartoon Inspired Makeup

sources: portrait harley quinn by victorvaz and harley quinn by nindei.
This month's theme for Two Dashes of Glam is "cartoon inspired", which left me wondering who or what to pick for a long time. Both Melissa, from KissandMakeupsBeautyBlog, and I immediately thought of Jessica Rabbit, then both opted for something else. With a little help of my sister I thought of the wonderful female villains from the Batman series, and I chose Harley Quinn. I am intrigued by the upcoming film "Suicide Squad" and Harley's role in it, so I let myself be inspired by that portrayal of the cartoon character (in the cartoons she has different makeup looks, all quite extreme). I had no idea how to do it, but I figured.. why not. 

I wondered for a long time about making the look wearable or not. I mean, pulling off both red and blue (pink eye and a bruised eye lol) eyemakeup in the same look, is like asking for trouble. I messily applied the eyeshadows all over my lid and then moved down with my brush as if I had been rubbing my eyes a lot then moving down with my hands. Not sure if I really pulled that off, lol but I gave it a try. All the eyeshadow colors came from the Fraulein 38 eyeshadow palette (#41, #42, #43, #62, #63 and #72).

With a wonderful Sephora eye pencil I drew the heart on my cheek and a line on my lids. The gorgeous red lipstick is "Mon Rouge" by Lolita Lempicka. I made my face slightly paler than the rest of my body, because this is a typical feature of Harley Quinn. After taking the picture on the left I removed the eyeshadow going down towards my cheek, and just kept the bits around my outer V (as seen on the right picture - sorry it got dark real quick). Still quite unwearable, but wearable enough. My sister had some washable hair paint so I added that to my hair to sorta link to Harley's gorgeous golden locks (mine being jet black though, lol) with blue and red dye. I think Harley Quinn looks way cooler than my attempt. I like the look more once I removed a bit of the eyeshadow on my cheek. That way it comes closer to the first picture (at the top of the article). I personally also like my last attempt at a makeup inspired look better: coincidentally also inspired by a cartoon. Oh yeah, I made this look at my parents place. My mom was a bit confused by my makeup. Hilarious. Now it is time for Melissa's cartoon inspired makeup look! She got inspired by the elf Flora from the Winx Club (remember that cartoon on TV maybe a decade ago?) She used loads of soft and sweet pinks on her eyes, cheeks and her lips too! That's a lot of pink! Click ahead to check out her look and tell me what you think of both our looks and this month's challenge! If you could choose a cartoon, who would you go for?! 



  1. Woah, yeah, I can see why your mom looked at you kinda funny, lol. Very cool with the two different eyeshadow colors!

  2. Super cool interpretation! very artistic I love it ♥

  3. Yay for harey Quinn! I just saw the trailer to Suicide Squad yesterday and it reminded me of how much I loved her!
    I think you did great.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  4. Wat is het een gave look geworden :D ik vind het stoer en een heel leuk origineel idee!

  5. hehe echt heel erg leuk gedaan!


  6. Hehe, this is so artistic of you. Looks good on you.

  7. DUDE!!! I love this post so hard!! What a cool idea!!! -

    1. Thank you kindly. Checked out your looks/costumes.... so amazing!!!!!!

  8. DUDE!!! I love this post so hard!! What a cool idea!!! -

  9. lol at your the mom bit :P i once tried a queen of hearts (alice in wonderland) makeup look at home and my dad freaked out when he saw me. i also had to make my face look paler and used red and blue makeup. i think your makeup here is pretty good the only thing missing is the blonde hair. so excited for suicide squad!!


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