Thursday, December 3, 2015

Born Pretty Store | Lipliner Pencil

Today I am sharing a product that might be familiar to you in you click ahead. It may just remind you of something you have seen before! Way to be vague, huh? Guess you will just have to find out. Any who, I am really excited about this lip product and it has quickly become a go-to product for daily wear. Here's why!

The long lasting lipliner pencil comes in three colors on Born Pretty Store: brown, pink and red. I figured I should try something else than pink and red, and so I opted for the brown lipliner as it was one I did not have yet. I am always a bit weary about browns, so I really hoped that it would suit me!

The lipliner looks like a regular lip liner pencil, and is by the brand "NON.U". When I tried googling it I found loads of information about some sportsman who admits to wearing makeup, lol. That was not what I was expecting. Any who, the lipliner color looks similar to the one shown on the website and I had already tried it out before taking a picture, so it is already a bit smudged. My bad. I could not wait. I was really surprised by the swatches!

With just one layer on it seems to give off a nice brownish shade and enough pigment. After adding more layers to it, I started noticing that there is something pinkish in there too. You notice it from the shimmer that the swatch gets. I think it is quite beautiful and soft. It gives off a romantic rosy brown shade. I actually had a discussion with a couple of friends about whether this shade was more pink or more brown! I was team brown. The more layered swatch does not only show a gorgeous shimmer, but it also shows that it is quite creamy. The application is easy enough and allows for precision, because the lipliner has a somewhat pointy shape and due to its creaminess it is very moldable (does that make sense?). 

The creaminess is one of the things I really like about this lipliner. It makes the lips appear softer and more luscious (do you also notice the pretty shine it gets?), but it can be a tad bit drying. This product is described as being long lasting and this is somewhat true. Despite being creamy, it stays on my lips for quite some hours (I have counted up to four hours without a meal included), after that it starts to rub off on the insides of my lips. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I am really happy with this lipliner because it gives off a lot of color but still feels quite neutral on me without being boring. This shade goes well with many other makeup looks, and so I find it a wearable lipliner for everyday use! What do you think? Are you team pink or team brown? Do you like the creaminess and shine this lipliner pencil gives off? Born Pretty Store is offering a 10% discount coupon on products without a current discount and free shipping worldwide, so you can try their products yourself! Use the following code to enjoy the discount: DCDH10! This NON.U lipliner pencil will only cost you $1.99 this week, so if you want to try out a creamy and shiny lipliner that is inexpensive then this one might just be for you!

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  1. Wauw, wat een mooie kleur! En fijn dat hij nog redelijk goed houdt!

  2. Wel goed deze lipliner een beetje vloeibaarder is, ik vind dit makkelijker om aan te brengen.

    x Karen

  3. Zo zo, ziet erg leuk uit hoor!

  4. I like browns (90s child), but they can be tricky to wear. This one suits you very well!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. Deze kleur staat je wel heel mooi! Fijn ook dat hij niet zo droog is als sommige lipliners, maar juist meer creamy, dat lijkt mij wel ene stuk fijner om te dragen!

  6. Not bad! Not bad at all! I like the color and I also prefer creamy formulas.

  7. Ziet er goed uit en de kleur staat je goed. Man wat heb jij toch een mooie huid!

  8. I am team brown ;) This color looks sooo lovely on you!

  9. Mooie kleur! Lijkt een heel fijn potlood

  10. Ik ben onder de indruk van de kleur, die je trouwens ook nog eens heel goed staat! Het is echt rozig bruin. Misschien zit hij fijner na een lip scrub!

  11. Oh wauw, wat een prachtig kleurtje zeg! Staat je heel goed!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics


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