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Press Days SS16 | Highlights Beauty & Fashion

Hakke Keramiek
After some highlights last Monday about food and lifestyle, here are some closer looks at pretty things I can't afford (*cries a little*), some trends I have been noticing or items I really would like to try out myself and/or just want to share with you. You can expect a shitload of shoes, statement jewelry, cool items, and useful beauty products! Are you curious already? Click ahead!

I don't know how this happened, but I ended up with too many photos of shoes that I thought were cool or really fancy. I think that I have a thing for shoes, which is strange, because -as with everything else I do- I tend to stick with some trustworthy shoes for most of my outfits. Heck, you will not catch me walking around with high heels anymore (ok, sometimes I give it a go again and I pay the price for it. Every. Bloody. Time.), but that does not stop me from swooning over them. Here are some shoes I am loving!

Italy is famous for a lot of things and their shoes is one of them. Fratelli Rossetti (the Rossetti brothers) is an Italian family brand that was founded in 1953. The company does not only create shoes for men and women, but it also designs fancy bags for women. Above you will find examples that appeal to me. I like the black shoes, because they look fancy but have an edgy-rocker vibe to them. I like that you can get such a twist from such a fancy and expensive brand!

Apparently, you can buy the incredibly famous ("Sex and the City" ring a bell, anyone?)  Manolo Blahnik shoes exclusively in Antwerp at SN3 (Kipdorpvest 37-39)! I figured that was worth a mention on its own, in case you are dying to get your hands on your very own Manolo Blahniks. I also wanted to show how unique and pretty these high heels are. Would you wear it?

Another shoe brand that caught my eyes is the Spanish Jhay: targeting young women who want to look fashionable but feel comfortable. And you get both ends of the spectrum for an affordable enough price (if you are working - students gotta save). They do a lot of pumps, but these derby shoes are really fancy! I just love the smooth finish of the gradient white-pink and blue shoes! You would not immediately expect, but the bottoms have glitters on them! How awesome is that?!

On to something less fancy and more casual -therefore right up my alley- is this pair of pretty Sancio leather boots by Levi! I am actually looking for the new ankle boots, but I tend to be very critical of the type of heel it is and how the boot looks around my ankle. I really like that this pair looks casual and has something cowboy-ish to it! I will definitely be checking this out in the Levi store! For those interested and currently in the USA, there is a big discount going on (lucky bastards).

Ok. Phew. Finally done with those shoes. I thought it was quite interesting to see how these big statement jewelry items were everywhere! Thinking it was noteworthy enough, I took some pictures as an example to you. A clunky necklace, a showy brooch, or some extra in-your-face sparkles on your clutch. What do you think? Do you like big statement jewelry?

You must know by now that I am passionate about drinking coffee. Drinking coffee outside when it is freaking cold is nice to warm up your hands a bit, but you don't want to burn yourself, so having something in between your coffee mug (if it gets overheated) and your skin might be a good idea. When I saw these ReFleece coffee warmth holders for your coffee/tea mug I was sold! What a brilliant idea, especially because it is a sustainable and modern design made from reclaimed fabrics. ReFleece also makes Ipad/tabled sleeves, e-reader cases and zip-it travel bags! Definitely worth looking into. 

If you want to give someone a cool and badass gift for christmas - or buy yourself one - then the Jarre Aeroskull XS Bluetooth Speakers in over 10 colors should be on the to-buy list! You can connect this sound device to your MP3 devices (also Iphones/Ipads from every generation) and play your music! The skulls come in a chrome plating and have the boxes in the glasses! How cool is this?!

A gorgeous plant wall can not go without mentioning. If you need more green in your home, then check out the Phyto plants! Ok, not really fashion.. but definitely worth a mention! You can buy the bowls, geometric designs and plants online! Speaking of geometric designs, I really loved the 3D designs by HELIX. You can get unique home-made and home-printed products by young Belgian designer Nicky Janse. I am personally loving the sleek geometric vases and the ring with cat ears (or well, they remind me of cat ears). I am considering buying one of the two. Which one should I go for: the vase or the ring?

As a lover and wearer of glasses, the brand Louis Belgium could not go unnoticed. What is so cool about this brand? Well, first of all... I am loving the different glasses they have. These glasses are based on color palettes, so you will find loads of unique colors in there. I actually tried on a couple of glasses that I would not have picked myself, because the color of the glasses were not the typical brown or black I tend to go for.. and this is what surprised me! Other shades can look really awesome too. 

I don't only have makeup by Yves Rocher, but I also have a couple of hair products that I have been trying out the last couple of months. One that I did not know yet, but definitely want to try out, is the Volume series! My hair is very thin, so I am always on the look out for new hair products that give my hair more volume without weighing it down. This Yves Rocher shampoo and texturizing spray are on the list! 

Remington taught me that you can also create more volume with the use of a curling iron! I did not know that and I did not entirely believe it until the lovely hair stylist performed her magic on me. My hair instantly looked more voluminous, so I am definitely keeping this PROtect curling iron in mind. Not only because it curls well and gives volume, but also because it has a cooling mist (see picture above) that ensures the curling iron and your hair don't get too hot. This way you can style your hair at lower temperatures, but still get those bouncy curls. 

Rainpharma is a skincare brand to keep an eye out for! When I saw Liu's Magic Sponge (you know, a konjac sponge) I was immediately interested. This sponge is 100% natural, only containing active charcoal and dietary fibres from the konjac plant. It is supposed to clean your skin and give you a soft glow. Yup. I surely want to try this sponge! 

From my earlier post on Jane Iredale you know that it only creates mineral makeup. When I saw this I could not believe it was a foundation! I mean, it has all these little bubbles inside.. how does a liquid foundation come out. It's MAGIC! It must be. Such a special product had to be looked at. Can you believe it?

Ines taking a picture of me taking a picture of Yves Rocher makeup. Photoception. 
Picture by Ines
ProNails was one of the nail polish brands I learned about. After the kind nail artist left her post to go home, she allowed me to take her seat and play around with all the nail polishes, glitters, stickers, etc that were on the table. I mean, this was like a little dream come true haha. Ines was smart enough to immediately ask to get her nails done and so I applied a soft romantic pink shade on her nails and similar colored pink glitters as an accent nail. She was pleased. I was pleased. ProNails is known for its peel-off nail polish, which Ines can tell you more about! Well, these were the highlights for now. You can expect more articles to follow on products that I want to give you more information about... think Uriage, Caption, Desigual, and more good stuff. What did you think of the highlights? Lots of shoes, right. What would you wear/use yourself? 



  1. I love looking at heels, but haven't worn them in more than two years. They hurt a lot when I was pregnant, didn't fit me right afterwards and no I am pregnant again... I feel like I need to learn walking in them again from scratch once I am done with having babies.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. I don't wear heels very often anymore either. Walking around in Belgium with them is just painful because of the stones they use for the sidewalks. I'm sure you will manage :) I'd go for comfort too (actually, I already do).

  2. So many cute shoes! Love how quirky all the designs are.

  3. Hihi :D Die foundation vind ik ook nog altijd leuk :D Soms vind ik het jammer dat ik geen foundation gebruik want deze leek mij zooo leuk om te gebruiken!

    1. Jaa, het heeft gewoon wat he? Echt een speciaal product vind ik het :O

  4. Would love to try the Remingtion for more volume, we gals cant get enough volume can we?

    1. Yes! Me too :D More, more, more volume, please! For my hair and my eye lashes :P haha

  5. De Pronails nagellakjes zijn zo enorm goed! Mijn nieuw favoriete merk!

    x Karen

    1. Ik heb ze nu ook op en dat bevalt inderdaad goed :)

  6. Die schoenen zijn echt geweldig <3

  7. Wauw die foundation, geweldig! Zou ik constant naar kijken haha! Leuk verslag.

    1. Ik moest ook echt twee keer kijken hoor. Ik geloofde niet dat het een vloeibaar foundation was :P Dank je!


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