Monday, November 9, 2015

Kiko Milano Nail Polishes | Holiday Shades

Every time I go to Spain (like it is a regular thing I do) there is a major sale going on at the Kiko Cosmetics store! Of course, I had to go in and look around.. and I ended up buying loads of products. Some of them are these four nail polishes that remind me of summer, sun and fun! Basically, they remind me of the holidays!

I bought four nail polishes from two different collections. So far I have reviewed one other nail polish I own by Kiko and I am really happy with the unique shade. The red and purple shade in this post are from the same collection: "Nail Lacquer". This collection has polishes without abrasive ingredients that strengthen and harden your nails. The bottles are more rectangular. The two other shades come from the "Quick Dry Nail Lacquer" collection, which is basically the same thing but the polishes dry faster (well, doh) and they come in more rounded bottles. 

I don't even know how I selected the colors. I mean it was very random. The yellow nail polish definitely caught my attention the most, but it took some thinking. I mean, yellow nails can look rather weird or less attractive than other colors. The purple and red one are the colors I usually wear, but the blue one is lighter than I normally go for. Nevertheless, all colors are nice for the warmer seasons! What do you think?

The light blue looks lighter in the first picture, but as you can see in the second picture it is quite deeper. This shade reminds me of the light blue bits of the ocean. You know that part I don't mind swimming in. Dark/deep blue sea is a different story, haha. The polish is not transparent at all, but you do need two thin layers to get nice coverage. The nail polish starts chipping after a couple of days.

This shade is very unique and special. Not only is it yellow, but it also has white/silvery pearly shimmers in there. The shimmer ensures that the yellowness does not become overbearing, but has something soft to it. Just think of a special sunset! Just like the light blue nail polish, you need two layers for good coverage and both polishes dry quickly - even with two layers. This shade remained on my nails for almost a week! 

This red-orange nail polish is bright and beautiful. I tend to always wear two layers, but this one could work with just one layer of polish too. The brush is really nice so it allows for easy and quick application. The texture of nail polishes from the "Nail Lacquer" collection are more gel-like and give off so much color and quite some shine! It will not last you a week, but other than that I am very happy with it. 

This purple shade also has all the strengths the other nail polishes above have too: easy application, intense color and shine, good coverage, and no aggressive ingredients. This shade will start chipping after a couple of days. Lucky for us all, there are major discounts going on the Kiko website right now for these nail polishes in particular too. Normally, varnish from the "Quick Dry" collection will cost you €4.90, but right now you can get them for €1.90 per piece. The "Nail Lacquer" polishes are available now for only €2.50 (normally €3.90), so those are some good deals! I think I probably had a similar deal back in Spain! Which of the four shades by Kiko Cosmetics do you find the most appealing?



  1. I like the colors against your skin tone, but I would definitely need a tan to pull the off.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. I like that yellow. I only wish it was creamy, it would have been perfect then.

    1. I'm glad you like it! It's quite an unusual color!

  3. ooooeh die paarse vind ik echt wel verrassend leuk
    die blauwe vind ik ook wel best leuk


    1. Jaa, he! beide kleurtjes hebben wel wat gaafs..

  4. Wow wat een leuke kleuren, deze heb ik nog nooit gespot in een kiko winkel!

    1. Goh, er is zoveel keuze :D het alleen houden bij 4 lakjes was al moeilijk genoeg!

  5. Wat een knallende lakjes, ik vind het heel gaaf!


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