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Spicy Chicken Skewers/Kebabs | Easy Recipe

Spicy Chicken Skewers | Easy Recipe

There is nothing better than a quick and easy recipe to make after a long day of work. Heck, you can even prepare this dish before leaving work by marinating it, which means your meat will taste that much better once you cook it! If you are looking for an easy and yummy chicken recipe, then click ahead. 

Of course, I am sharing another chicken dish with you. These spicy chicken skewers or kebabs (call 'em whatever you want) do not need a lot ingredients. You can stick to this recipe or just play around with whatever you have in your home. Gotta love how easy and yummy this is! The Ingredient List:

Chicken breast filet, 400 grams (cut into similar sizes)
Paprikas (get different colors, pleasing for the eye)
Onions (cut into similar sizes)
6-8 skewers 
A grill (pan) to cook it on

For the Marinade:
Black pepper and Salt
Paprika powder
Chili powder
Chopped/minced garlic 
Vegetable oil

Chicken Skewers Kebabs Recipe

Make the Marinade

Grab a bowl that is big enough for your chicken filet, put 2-4 table spoons of vegetable oil in the bowl. I tend to use sunflower oil, but olive oil will do the trick just fine.Then add the ingredients of the marinade to your liking: 3 teaspoons of black pepper powder, a pinch of salt, 2 teaspoons of paprika powder and chili powder. Mix it all together. If you have minced garlic then add that in there as well. If you want to make it extra spicy and hot, then add fresh minced chilis. Mix it all together. Cut the chicken filets into similar sized pieces if you haven't already and place them in the bowl. Make sure the chicken is covered by the marinade (see picture above). Let the chicken sit in the marinade for at least 15 minutes. The longer the better, so you can definitely do this part before leaving for work in the morning, or in the afternoon if you are working from home. 

Skewer the Chicken and Veggies

If you want to prepare this dish and cook it right away, then now would be the time to start cutting the vegetables, because you have got 15 minutes to kill. Cut the onions and paprikas into the same size and shape (see a picture above as an example). The more the sizes are the same, the more even the skewers will be prepared on the grill. Usually the wooden skewers need to be soaked in water for a short while, so check the instructions on the product! After everything is cut and the 15 minutes or marination time have passed, you can thread the chicken and vegetables on the skewers. Pick a piece of chicken filet, then add a veggie or two, then add another piece of chicken filet, etc. You catch my drift, right? See the picture below, if you don't.

Spicy Chicken Kebabs Recipe

Heat your grill (pan). You added vegetable oil in your marinade, so you need not add more vegetable oil in the pan. Once the grill is hot enough you can place the chicken kebabs on the grill for about 10 minutes. I have a double-sided grill, so mine are finished pretty quickly, but it might take longer in a grill pan. Make sure you cut the chicken filet after 10 minutes to find out if the chicken is no longer raw, but edible! That is all! Easy peasy chicken skewers! I hope you like the recipe and think it is worth trying out! Definitely let me know if you try it! Like I said, you can use whatever vegetable you have in your home.. what kind of veggie would work in this dish for you? I might just try something new! How about zucchini?! Bon appétit!



  1. Natasja,
    This looks delicious! I love that you share recipes, and I just wish I was more skilled at cooking, haha. This motivates to try and learn new recipes though, and this one doesn't look TOO difficult, so I might just give it a try :)

    1. Thank you, Melissa!! Yeah, definitely give this a go :D it's very easy! I can't be bothered making all kinds of complicated dishes either (I doubt I'd be very good at it lol). Hope you like it!

  2. Ziet er heerlijk uit, Natasja!

  3. They look so pretty! Isn't weird how food can look so artistic? :-)

  4. I am all about easy to prepare dishes to feed me when I am back from work.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  5. Oh yum yum, ziet er zo lekker uit! Ik ga al direct watertanden :D

    X Sara

  6. i actually dont mind the if you share more chicken recipes cause thats mostly all that i can eat lol. my bf makes a very similar dish ill prolly ask him to add the little lettuce wraps you included. that picture above is very food magazine like ^^

    1. Ha, glad I'm not the only one! You can definetly expect more chicken dishes! Oh yummy, hope you'll like that. Thank you.. That's very kind :)

  7. Uuuh, yum!! Zou het zelf ook met paprika doen. Altijd yummy! Mss ook wat courgette :D

    En laat die kip-receptjes maar komen!

    x Aurélie

  8. Hmm these look delicious, thanks for posting up this recipe, looks quite simple to make.



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