Friday, July 3, 2015

Picture Perfect #8

Picture Perfect | Eyes Painted Black
That is the result of endless of studying, which is why I am in a need of a break. A break to relax. A break to do my laundry. A break to be social. A break to take a break. You know what I mean? Click ahead to find out what I have been up to these last couple of months (I know it has been a bit silent the last one), besides studying

Months seem to pass by so quickly. Now I know I will be sharing all kinds of happy and seemingly social pictures with you all.. but these were highlights in my life, and definitely exceptions. The rest was filled with the doom, gloom, and anti-socialness of my student life. But on to fun things for now... 

Picture Perfect | Eyes Painted Black

Most of my days are spend in lounge wear, because I stayed a lot of time indoors working on my thesis, reading literature or literary theory, or studying for exams. However, occasionally I would venture out to the world of the living and actually wear jeans!! I am wearing my new ripped jeans and a bright nail polish. Ahh, the summer. Can you feel it?

Last semester I said no to all kinds of fun activities and invites during my exam, but it was something I regretted afterwards, so this semester I told myself to go for the ones that are do-able for me. I did.. and at one of those events I got my own personalized Zwitsal shower lotion :) yay! Time to smell like a baby. 

By now you must know that I love Culture Coffee and Donuts. This was the first time I tried something other than a donut, and it did not disappoint! I also tried the yummiest hot chocolate afterwards (not on the picture), for which I will surely come back again... and again.. and again.

This is a throwback to when I met up with these lovely girls at the Yves Rocher Beauty party. It was fun and fancy, and we definitely took our time taking pictures. Oh, the 21st century. I really love this shot and have it on my bulletin board too :)

Picture Perfect | Eyes Painted Black

I remember that I was taking a walk with the boyfriend on a sunny day and we walked by Momade Cupcakes. I had first tried the cupcakes their during the blogger meet up, so I just had to get a couple more to eat. These were mini ones, so that's not very naughty of me... right?!

When I got to discover the Spa Secrets collections by Kruidvat I also tried out some henna. There was this lady there who made the coolest designs and I got one with a flower. The henna became a deep earthy red/brown the next day and stayed on my hand for a week. Something pretty to look at whilst studying for exams!

At the TPI beauty event I bought my third MDMflow lipstick: Milkshake! It is a unique lipstick, because it will change its color and the more you rub the darker it gets! So much fun.

Summertime calls for summer clothing. I finally got to wear my new pleated midi skirt! I will be publishing a post about it soon... :-)

More fun things await. I have finished my exams so that is a big relief on its own. Resits will be in August, but August is way too far ahead in the future for it to be on my mind. My holiday is just around the corner, so I am definitely looking forward to that. To stay in the loop and get more personal pictures, be sure to follow me on instagram! Your turn! What were your highlights? And what are you looking forward to this summer?



  1. Ah, laundry. Neverending horror story! Glad to hear the exams are over and you get your well-deserved break.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. This post is an explosion of pretty <3

  3. congrats on A-cing all your exams :) with the amount of study youve been making im sure youll get sky high grades :P love that shot with culture coffee and donuts, i thought it was some food in a wedding reception cause its so pretty

    1. Thanks, Shayne! Yeah, it's a great place.. and their hot chocolate is delicious. On a cool summer night I might get one :D

  4. Wooohoo nu even genieten van je vakantie Natasja! En hopelijk tot hééél binnenkort! :D Er moet dringend eens een meidendagje worden georganiseerd.

    En veel succes met al die was! Hihi^^

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

    1. Yeuhhh :D dank je wel, Marlies! Ik hoop van wel... lekker aperitieven. xx


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