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Homemade Chicken Burgers Recipe

Homemade Chicken Burgers Recipe

I want to share another big favorite of mine. I do not just love chicken meatballs, chicken wings in tomato sauce, or chicken burritos, but I also really love homemade chicken burgers. If it were up to me, which it usually is, I would eat this dish once a week. Honestly, I would eat it everyday.. but something about being healthy and having a varied diet. Meh.

You may have noticed the chicken dishes on my blog. Well, that is because I am a big lover of chicken. I doubt I could ever give it up. It is delicious and it is healthier than other meats. Win win. I would even add it underneath my picture, but I could not come up with an alliteration with "c". Chicken... Ccccc? Something?! Anywho, I digress. Today you can read about one of the ways that I like to prepare my chicken burgers! The most important you are going to need is minced chicken meat (my recipe is for the patty, not the bread/burger). I have tried it from many places now and there's nothing better than getting it from a poultry shop. 

The ingredients

500 grams of minced chicken filet
5-10 (burger) buns
young cheese
1-2 egg(s)
1 tbs fish sauce (optional)
1 minced garlic clove
minced chili 
spices: paprika powder, chili, salt
ketjap (Indonesian soya saus, optional)
1 sliced onion (shaped as an arch)
1/2 zucchini
1 bell pepper
4 tbs sunflower oil
curry ketchup and mayonaise (optional)

You can get burger buns from the supermarket, but I have not found any yet that I did not find dry. The dryness kinda took away from how delicious and juicy the patty was. I tend to buy regular bread buns, as pictures above and below, but those can taste a bit sweet. Quite recently I discovered a good bread bun that looks like a burger, but it not as dry as the burger bun nor as sweet as the regular bread buns. My point is... the bread is more important than you think, so pick one you really like and is neutral enough so the flavors of the patty, veggies and sauce(s) come out! You can also make your own bread! I would love to do that myself someday! This recipe consists of three parts: 1) preparing the patties 2) frying the patties and veggies 3) serving the burgers 

Preparing the chicken & vegetables

Cut 1/2 of zucchini and 1 bell pepper into 1cm squares. Make sure your onion is sliced. Grab a bowl. Break one (or two) egg(s) into the bowl and mix it. Add to the bowl: 1 tbs fish sauce, 1 tbs of ketjap, minced garlic, minced or finely chopped chili's, paprika power, chili (be generous with the spices, and a bit of salt. Mix it together again. Wash and dry your hands. Grab a piece of the minced chicken filet. Shape it into a ball, then flatten it until it looks like a burger. Dab the patty in the bowl on both sides. You can even let it sit while you are shaping the next patty. Then take it out of the bowl and place it on a plate (I like putting transparent foil over the plate first, so the patties are easier to remove). Continue doing this until you run out of minced chicken filet and only have patties left. Try to make them all the same size. If I still have any egg mixture left I pour this over the patties on the plate.

frying the patties and vegetables

Make sure your stir-fry pan is hot and ready to go. Add about 4 tablespoons of (sunflower) oil. Place your patties in the pan. In my pan about four patties fit. Make sure there is room left. Once both sides are fried (not showing any raw meat anymore on the outside) you can add a portion of your vegetables (onion, zucchini and bell pepper). I like to do it in one pan, because it is less cleaning and the vegetables fry in the juices of the chicken, but you can also do this in a separate pan, then you add all the vegetables together at once. Or even better... grill it in a grill pan! Leave the onions in there until they are golden brown. Make sure your zucchini and bell pepper still are a bit crispy, so they still have a bite to them. The patties will not need that long to fry. About five minutes, but this depends on how thick you made the patties. So make sure you cut one patty open in the pan to check whether it's cooked properly and no longer raw. Take out all your ingredients. Let them rest on a clean plate, so they are less greasier. Oh, they will be juicy, though.

Kipburgers Recept / Chicken Burger Recipe

Serving the burgers

Cut your bread bun in half. Put a bit of curry ketchup on the bottom and mayonaise on the top if you want. Place the patty on the bottom, place a slice of cheese (if you want it to melt, then add it to the patty while it is resting on the plate), place your vegetables, and put the top of the bun back on the burger. You can just play around here. It goes well with potato and sweet potato fries, but just eating these chicken burgers like this will do it for me too! Your homemade chicken burger should be really juicy, full of flavors and soft! Especially if you get quality minced chicken filet from a poultry shop!

Man. I feel like eating some burgers right now. Have you ever tried a chicken burger? If so, how do you like it? What are your favorite ingredients? Do share.. because I would love to try different combinations! If you end up making your own homemade chicken burgers, then I would love to see the results.. so share a pic and enjoy!



  1. I love a good burger, but I am living part-time pescetarian, so I rarely have one, be it Chicken or other meat.

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Oh, nice! I have a great salmon burger (well, technically patty) option on here.. if you're interested!

  2. mmm yummy
    da ziet er weer heerlijk uit


  3. Oeh ziet er echt heel lekker uit!

  4. Schat die zien er verrukkelijk uit!
    Heb je receptje in nederlands voor me please????
    bisous, Lima

    1. Dank je wel, Lima! Voor jou zal ik hem speciaal in het Nederlands schrijven :P

  5. Een brasserie vlakbij mijn vroegere werk had er eentje op het menu met een mangosausje. ZO LEKKER! Ik ben helemaal fan van kippenburgers! xo

    1. Hmm, mango! Nooit aan gedacht :D zeker het proberen waard!

  6. Jaaaa! Dit lijkt me echt onwijs lekker! X

  7. Hmm ziet er echt goed uit!

  8. Mijn liefde voor kip gaat ver ;-)
    Dit ziet er heerlijk uit, het is geen standaard burger and I like that!

    1. Haha, dan ben ik niet de enige ^^ dank je!

  9. Woman! Those photos! They look like they come straight from a food magazine or a cook book. Awesome :-)

    1. Aww, ha! Thanks, Melissa :D Appreciate that!

  10. it looks delicious,... but we cant cook chicken at home :(

  11. Echt om te kwijlen :D Ik zag deze al passeren op Facebook en stond al een tijdje open in m'n browser. But jep, ook nu begin ik weer te watertanden ^^

  12. This looks so delicious! I love chicken <3 Your photos have made me hungry! :) haha.


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