Wednesday, January 7, 2015

5 Minutes | Adejong Visagie

With 5 Minutes I can share some inspirational stories of young people who decided to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. You have previously read about Chriscilia's photography and Fons' fashion line. Now it is time to take a look at Alette's beauty business. 

About the Girl

Alette de Jong is a fellow blogger in her 20s with a love for beauty who has become a makeup artist! She grew up in a small, rural village where people looked at her strangely as she walked by in her 10 cm high heels and colorful dresses. Being herself has always been important to her, even though not everyone could understand this. Ever since she moved to Leiden, she feels much more accepted. A couple of months ago she started her own studio Adejong Visagie in the Hague. There you can learn more about beauty by taking various makeup workshop. As a bonus, you can even get photographed after you have learned new beauty techniques! 

Adejong Visagie

A few years ago, Alette started using makeup and she really liked how much more awake she looked. It gave her more confidence, so she decided to start a beauty blog to write about all the beautiful make up she had collected throughout the years. Having worked as a social worker for seven years, her blog also gave her the opportunity to appreciate the lighter and less serious parts of life. However, just owning a beauty blog was not enough for her. She wanted to know more; to learn more. So she signed up for a beauty course at the Haagse Visagieschool. After this exciting opportunity, she started working as a visagist partaking in photo shoots and having brides as clients. She also started giving work shops and teaching others how to look their best. This is when Alette became inspired and started her own business! 

The Process

A few friends of Alette had started their own business. She liked the freedom they seemed to have and loved the fact that they followed their heart and started doing what they loved the most. Motivated by the wonderful commentary she has previously received, she started Adejong Visagie. As a makeup artist, she really likes to watch American Youtubers. She believes that she can learn a lot from watching their videos. The process of starting your own business was very exciting, but also quite hard. She did not realize just how much marketing is involved with having your own company. The marketing aspect is really hard for her. Alette is very modest and finds it difficult to tell everyone about her job as a MUA! Even if having a business gives you both ups and downs, she finds it more exciting than working for a boss. 

On that note, here is some advice that Alette would like to share with you:
"please don’t get stuck in a job you hate! Life is too short to do things that make you feel miserable. Of course, you should think before you just go and start a business. But please, find a way to do the things you love!"

The Future

Alette is very excited about the future and really curious as to where her job as a makeup artist could take her. She hopes to make Adejong Visagie successful, give more makeup workshops, do more bridal makeup and work on more photo shoots. The combination of working as a social worker and a makeup artist works really well for Alette and, ideally, she would like to do both 50% of the week. Her short term goal is to work as a MUA at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. How exciting! If you would like to have your makeup done by Alette or partake in a workshop (with some of your friends), then be sure to have a look at her website: Adejong Visagie. 



  1. Leuk om te lezen! Zeker omdat ik zelf ook als mua heb gewerkt :-) Groot gelijk heeft ze met haar advies. Dat vind ik ook.

    1. Oh, wat leuk! Dat wist ik helemaal niet :D

  2. oooh wow echt wel mooie foto's!
    ze kan er wel wat van lijkt mij, heel fijn om zoiets te lezen


  3. Leuk om te lezen! Heel mooi advies geeft ze ook :)

  4. Hoi Natasja, bedankt voor het mooie artikel dat je hebt gemaakt! Ik voel me vereerd dat je mijn verhaal motiverend vindt! <3

  5. Wat een leuk artikel! De looks van de dames op de foto zijn allemaal zo mooi!

    1. Dank je, Nathalie! Ik vind de looks ook erg geslaagd :D

  6. Wauw wat een prachtig verhaal zeg, super dat Alette haar dromen gevolgd heeft! Ik heb zelf ook zo'n ervaring met make-up, toen ik het pas leerde te gebruiken was ik echt postitief verbaasd over wat het met je zelfbeeld kan doen. En hoe beter je wordt, hoe meer mensen dit gaan zien en je complimentjes geven die je voorheen nooit kreeg. Dus ik zou zeggen; Thank God for Make-up! :D

    X Sara

  7. Ik heb hier heel wat in te halen qua artikels. Allereerst een heel gelukkig nieuwjaar! ;) Ik vond dit een heel inspirerend verhaal en het is leuk dat je dit deelt want het kan misschien net iemand dat duwtje in de rug geven :) Alette heeft trouwens echt al super leuke dingen gedaan! Wauw! Maar ze is ook enorm getalenteerd :)

    Marlies - Golden Mirrors & Pink Bows

  8. Amai zeg, die eerste foto is prachtig!


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