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Málaga Adventures #4: Hot Spots

It does not matter whether I am traveling or just living life in my current city, I always love to visit places that look interesting. This usually applies to places where I can eat, drink or relax.. and I have found some nice ones in Málaga (and its many cities) that I found worth sharing. So click ahead to find out which places you want to try out... when in the South of Spain!

Most places to eat and drink in Torremolinos look rather similar or offer something similar, however Tiki Restaurant stood out to me immediately. It is located on the promenade of the Bajondillo Beach so you can look at the beach and the sea whilst having a bite to eat or  a yummy cocktail. It is best that you make a reservation, because this place is always crowded at night when it is dinner time for the Spanish! The Tiki Restaurant offers an Asian cuisine with sushi and nasi goreng, and also has many cocktails and other (non)-alcoholic drinks you can choose from. I do not eat sushi, so that was a no-go for me, so I went for the nasi goreng. However, it was not as good as I had hoped, but I have to admit that I am very used to eating nasi the way it is made in Suriname as a product from the Javanese. So, unfortunately, to me it tasted really bland. Other than that I loved everything about the place. I had some nachos with guacamole and it was the best guacamole I have had so far. So soft and fresh, just delicious. The price for the main course can vary between €11-18, depending on what you are in the mood for! A soda will be around €2 and a glass of wine €3.

Another nice place to try a meal or have a drink is the Tarik Restaurant and Cafe. It is also located in Torremolinos and it looks like a fancier place, but the prices still are reasonable. It is an extended service of the Hotel Tarik, which looked like a nice place to stay. I really liked the use of the green colors, which lured me inside. I tried gambas al pil-pil and a tortilla de patatas, which were good. Unfortunately, I picked a wrong dessert and that was not great at all. I do not have that very often?! I still liked the food and the place, so I think it is surely worth a look! The price for a main course is about €10-15 and sodas are around €2. 

Now you know what you can get for dinner and drinks in Torremolinos, for breakfast and lunch I recommend Irish places where you get a lot of food for very little money and it tastes great! At the Bistro Europa and Tudor Rose (both in walking distance from each other located at the Bajondillo Beach, or is it called Playamar? Confusing!) you can get an English Breakfast for about €5. I have very often ordered scrambled eggs on toast for about €3 at Bistro Europa and one time I tried it with salmon; I was amazed how much salmon was added for the small price I paid! At Tudor Rose I had such a delicious chicken burger with my toppings of choice (cheese, fried onions and BBQ sauce) that was accompanied by fries and a salad. The burger was so soft that it practically fell apart at the touch of my hand. I can definitely say that it was the best burger I had in all of Málaga so far! What makes it even better is that the owner is super friendly and helpful! 

For more lounging and relaxing at night, the ultimate place to try is Copacabana Playa, directly across of Tudor Rose, which is a chiringuito (a small bar on the beach) with lounge beds placed on the beach where you can have drinks and try a hookah (you know, a shisha). The portion of drinks are pretty big, so that made up for the price (not that it was expensive but it wasn't inexpensive either). You should go here at night and enjoy the breeze and noises of the sea. There is also a possibility to eat food at the chiringuito, but we did not try that!

When you venture outside of Torremolinos you will come across the Plaza Mayor, which is a shopping center. I expected it to be in one building, but it felt like a small town where you can walk around the shops and restaurants. It has the big brands, such as H&M and Zara, but also less well-known brands, such as Stradivarius (not located in most of Europe, so go visit this one!!), and you will also find Kiko Milano and Primor (beauty store with Sleek MakeUP and NYX) here! So, if you feel like spending a day shopping with a nice meal afterwards, try Plaza Mayor:

Remember when I wrote about the Cathedral of Málaga? I said there was a nice square where you can have a seat, enjoy the view, possibly with a drink or a bite. This is certainly true at L'expérience, located on the plaza del obispo, which prides itself for giving its clients a coffee, food and drink experience. Hence the name! I did not try the coffee (too hot) but the drink and food part they definitely got in order. Their gambas al pil-pil were so delicious that I ordered a second round! The prices for tapas vary between €5-9, drinks are between €2-9 depending on what you choose (the more expensive the stronger or bigger your drink is). What I also like about L'expérience, besides the comfy seats and beautiful view of the cathedral, was the nice surroundings. The trees had bird cages with flowers and candles, there were inspiring quotes (as you can see on the picture). Even on the table mat it said: "There are persons who are difficult to meet, easy to love and impossible to forget", apparently this is a quote on friendship. 

Closely located next to it is El Pimpi, which is a restaurant (specialized in fish), bodega bar and has a variety of drinks. The boyfriend and I went there twice, because he really enjoyed his "Mojito el Pimpi", as you can see on the left below on the picture. The first time I had a wine (€1,90 indoors and €2,10 outdoors) and the second time I tried a cocktail as well. It is called "Singapore Sling" and it was amazingly sweet but refreshing. This is a really big place that partly overlooks the Roman Theatre and the bodega bar (if you like wine) is inside and definitely worth a viewing and a tasting! 

Last, but definitely not least, is a restaurant and lounge bar located at the port of Málaga with an amazing view of the harbor and the city called Kaleido. We accidentally came across this place (even though I had looked it up online then forgotten about it), so I was really happy we happened to walk by it! We tried several drinks and bites here. I recommend trying their batidos (milkshakes), which are named after football players. We tried two and both were just delicious and cost €8 and what you get is on the the right in the picture below. All the cocktails are €9 (not the non-alcholic ones) and strong, like my Mai Thai, and tapas vary between €5-10. The best bite we had were the croquettes with scorpion fish and gambas.. it is so soft and yummy! Kaleido offers you about 5 menus, each specialized in one thing (coffee, dessert, tapas, cocktails, etc) so there is a lot to choose from.. and something there for everyone! If I go back to Málaga then this place is on top of my list! 

Well, it was a long list but I hope you enjoyed reading my preferred hot spots.. and if you happen to be on your merry way to Málaga any time soon (or in the near/distant future) I hope you keep some of these places in mind! If I had to choose I would say that Kaleido and Copacobana Playa were the places I had the best time, simply because I just got to sit down and sip on something refreshing in the heat whilst enjoying my beautiful surroundings. What about you? Which of these places appeals the most to you and why?



  1. Je posts zijn echt zo handig! Het eten ziet daar echt heerlijk uit
    en ik ga deze adresjes zeker onthouden; Copacabana Playa lijkt mij echt zo gezellig om te zitten


    1. Dank je :D blij om dat te lezen!! Zeker doen ^^ Copacabana Playa was echt lekker relaxen!!x

  2. Wat een leuke plekjes allemaal zeg! Ik wil nu echt een keer naar Malaga, ik ben nu veel te nieuwsgierig geworden! :)

  3. Top post! Deze vakantie ziet er echt super uit!!
    Verlang nu nog meer naar zon, zee en lekker eten! haha
    Check out my new post if you want ;)
    Love, Lima xoxo

  4. Nice, heel tof verslag! Ben net terug van vakantie, maar de vakantiesfeer zit er nog in, zeker als ik dit zie :-)

  5. Hmmmmm, nu heb ik KEIveel zin in een mojito!

  6. WOW! What an experience! So happy you got to travel and relax this time. Copacabana appealed to me the most. Looks like a relaxing and a great place to just rest and watch the world go by. :)

    1. Thank you, Rea! It really was.. I am sure there are beautiful places like that as well on your end! x

  7. Wauw, dat ziet er echt geweldig uit! Mooie foto's!


  8. Ik ben al helemaal aan het watertanden! Wat jammer dat ik geen reisje naar Malaga op de planning heb staan. Maaaaaar, ik weet wel wie ik moet opzoeken als ik er ooit toch eens naartoe zou gaan ;-) xo

  9. Ooh my, had ik deze foto's maar gezien voor ik zelf vertrok :D Ziet er allemaal super uit, zeker Copacabana Playa lijkt me echt genieten. Oké en die drankjes en dat eten ook... ^^

    x Aurélie


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