Friday, October 4, 2013

Discover Antwerp | Felix Pakhuis Events

There's this culinary event in Antwerp called "The Longest Table" hosted by Felix Pakhuis to serve a large number of people all at one table! For only €20 euros you can enjoy yourself a 3-meal course with whomever you'd like to join. This seemed like a great opportunity to me, a lover of chicken and eating out, so I certainly wanted to give it a try!

Each time Felix Pakhuis has a different theme linked to the event and the one I went to was all about New York! So, I was expecting bagels, burgers and cheesecake. Only the latter I got wrong! Unfortunately, I am a tough eater. I don't eat beef due to the way I was brought up and I don't enjoy eating pork at all. So, I'm a no-meat kinda girl! I do love poultry and fish, so I made sure to inform the chef about this and ask him if it was ok. He was very agreeable and I was quite curious about how it would work out!

We arrived right on the dot at 18.00 hours and we paid for our seat at the longest table. The host told us the first meal would be served at 19.00 hours so we were welcome to kill time at "De Markt", a lovely place you can go to for dinner, drinks or shopping! It's located right next to the longest table, so that was convenient. I'm not a big fan of waiting and at the time I was hungry, but lucky for me "De Markt" has so much ambience and is so great to be at. Wonderful jazz music playing and loads of things to look at, but first we picked up our appetizer: a yummy drink filled with vodka, ginger syrup and a slice of lemon. After 15 minutes I could no longer ignore my desire for food so I ordered  delicious chicken teriyaki with a hint of lemon and a mango chutney added to it. At first I was apprehensive about the combination, I mean.. teriyaki is japanese and chutney is indian! But it was so good!

At 19.00 hours we sat down somewhere in the middle and then dinner was served. The starter and main course you had to get yourself buffet style and other small bites were given. At first I had a tomato soup without the meatballs, then I was given a bagel with vegetables and cream cheese. I was a bit bothered I didn't get the salmon & cream cheese bagel, but I can't complain because the table consisted of 135 people and the bagel was good, anyways! The added vegetables also made me feel healthier. The one thing I will complain about is the fact that they didn't offer a good substitute for the main course. For the New York theme they served burgers and fries but I was given green rice with green beans and a piece of fish. I was expecting a tofu burger, so that bumped me out, which is why I got some potatoes for myself after eating the rice dish.

It was too dark to take pictures of the dessert but we were given all kinds of sugary and glaced donuts. Some were warm too... so delicious! Yes, I ate a lot and it was very filling. Most of it was quite yummy, so I think it is definitely worth your money if you're not a difficult eater like me or don't mind the type of substitutes I mentioned before as a vegetarian! Otherwise, you might find it a bit unfulfilling. But it's only €20 for 3 meals and small bites (no drinks included). Still a good deal, right? I will definitely be going back to Felix Pakhuis, just no more for the Longest Table! But I am happy I got to know the place a bit and next time I am going to order from the menu and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Het lijkt me wel een leuk concept! Ik eet alleen ook geen varkensvlees, wel rund, maar het liefst eet ik toch kip en anders vis of vegetarisch, dus of ik blij zou zijn met alles is ook nog maar de vraag.

    1. Ja, het is toch wel een gedoe! Dan eet ik liever a la carte!

  2. Wat een onwijs leuk concept inderdaad, die tafel is wel erg klein zeg ;) Hihi grapje! Grote tafel zeg

  3. Best een goede deal idd! Yumm!

  4. Yum, dat ziet er lekker uit allemaal! En 20 euro is inderdaad niet veel voor een compleet diner :D

  5. I am jealous of your ability to consume in one sitting. I salute you!


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