Monday, October 14, 2013

Cosmetic Workshop

I come from a big family, and when I say big I mean huuuge, so a couple of years ago some of my cousins came up with an idea: "Cousins Day". A day filled with surprise workshops, dinner and laughter. I had never been before, but a short while ago I could finally go and it was so much fun I just had to share the workshops we did with you all! 

The day consisted of two workshops; we created our own perfume and then our own lipgloss! Both came in a small (bottled) sizes but that didn't take away our fun. We walked in to find tables decorated with a many perfume oils and essential oils of all kinds of scents. The difference between these two oils is that essential oils are naturally extracted chemicals from plants, flowers, etc and fragrance oils are often more synthetic. 

Other ingredients that were put in place for us were alcohol to clean your perfume bottle and a shot of coffee but not for drinking! We were meant to sniff the coffee after having smelled three other scents, so we would not feel overwhelmed by all the odors roaming around in the room and up our nostrils. Apparently, coffee is a great neutralizer of scent and it smelled so nice. 

We had to smell as many different fragrances as we could and rate them by giving them a star if we liked them and two stars if they were really amazing. I wrote down about nine to ten fragrances and after that it was time to select my favorites. I picked the following: jasmine, musk, orchid, papaya, maxim and a special drop of vanilla. I really wanted to add as much orchid and musk as I could, because the two smelled so amazingly delicious but the lady giving the workshop said that my main ingredient had to be jasmine, otherwise the scent would not be as delicious as I wanted it to. I added water in my perfume bottle and combined all the ingredients according to fixed amount of drops. It certainly did not come out how I expected it to, but I mainly wanted orchid! It's crazy sweet and very floral and fruity. I've never had such a sweet perfume and this one was made by me, so how can I not like it?

After having created my enormously sweet perfume, we started on our second workshop: home made lipgloss! We got to play with colors, caster oil, vitamin E, vanilla and the likes! First we added a small amount of caster oil in our borosilicate glass and added a drop of vitamin E to it, then we put it on a transportable cooker and the two ingredients became a bit more fluid. After that we could choose our colors, but we had to add them little by little. I combined red with golden nacre (mother of pearl) for one lipgloss and purple with burgundy brown and white nacre for the other.

This is what I came up with. Two cute little key-chain lip glosses that are soft and smell like vanilla. They are quite alright on my lips as well! They feel very soft and liquid-y but the colors don't stay on for any longer than maybe an hour (max two), which is quite a-OK in my mind. It seems my enthusiasm for making the lipgloss out stages how long it actually stays on, because I had so much fun making it! I can't wait to play with them again and create different colors! 

Of course, I shouldn't forget to add these lovely delicious mini cupcakes made by my cousin who also organized the day! It is completely vegan with chocolate, coconut and a sugary buttercream! I was trying to be oh-so healthy and then I saw these... bye-bye being healthy haha. So worth it, though. 

Well, that was about it. A successful day and the lady who hosted the workshops was very kind and helpful. If you're interested in this workshop and located in the Netherlands, be sure to have a look hereHave you ever created any cosmetic products? Or had a really fun workshop?



  1. Sounds really nice to me! I like the idea of having my own perfume!

  2. Wat leuk dat jullie aan cousin days doen! En het lijkt me echt heel gaaf om je eigen parfum en lipgloss te maken, zo leuk! :)

  3. Wauw wat gaaf gedaan, super creatief!

  4. Jeetje wat leuk zeg! Alleen al zo´n dag met z´n allen, wauw :) Ook heel gaaf wat jullie gedaan hebben

  5. I had a diy perfume set when i was really young but it smelled terrible lol. This looks like loads of fun

    1. Haha, oh! Yes, I think it takes quite some time and a lot of knowledge (and practicing) before you get something good.

  6. Replies
    1. Yes, but that's something I'd rather not do haha

  7. leuk idee!! creatief!!
    kijk ook eens naar onze blog, kunnen we volgen

  8. Ohhh leuke workshop! En leuk idee zo,n 'cousins day' c:

  9. Lijkt me een enorm fijne workshop!

  10. Wat een leuke workshop :D Heel gaaf!


  11. Wat klinkt dit onwijs tof zeg!! Echt super super leuk :D

  12. OMG I'm so jealous, especially about the lipgloss. That's so cool!

  13. Jeej hier was ik ook bij! It was fun! Drie keer raden wie die cupcakejes heeft gemaakt :))


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