Monday, September 16, 2013

Antwerp Fashion Festival

Last weekend the Antwerp Fashion Festival took place in the city center. The stores that partook in this 2-day event stayed open until late in the evening. They had DJ's with party music, gave away discounts and you could even get some free treats, such as a drink when entering! In other words: loads of fun! 

AFF aims to make Antwerp a more fashionable city in Europe, celebrating the uniqueness of Antwerp's designers and fashion! I only went to a couple of stores because I was afraid I would buy too much stuff, haha. Friendly staff, good music and discount is a tough thing to say "no" to when shopping! Which is why I am only sharing pictures of two stores that really caught me by surprise! 

I normally wouldn't go to Fish & Chips but it's definitely a great store and offers a variety of brands (Vans, Maison Scotch, Lee, etc)  and different styles, so what's not to love? The interior is quite unique too! It really screams for attention with its loud colors and centerpiece sitting areas. Though the dolls literally hanging around and about was a bit strange.. imagine that in the dark! I saw lots of clothing that I wanted, but I ended up buying dark grey jeans instead, a color I didn't have yet, with 20% discount!

Jutka and Riska was another store that caught me by surprise! A Dutch store by two sisters that offers "an eclectic combination of vintage, own design and new collections". I was especially amazed with the fact that the products were sold at quite reasonable prices! This shop is busy too, as you can see on the pictures, but offer as much clothing as it does accessories. A thing I really like! I was so happy when I found lovely green earrings for only €6! I'll show them to you soon!

Another fun thing was that Jutka & Riska gave their visitors free manicures and feather extensions for your hair, this was done by a very kind girl. For buys over €10 you would receive a goodie bag. How could one resist such a wonderful offer? So, I think the AFF was very successful because I ended up shopping at places I wouldn't usually go to and I discovered new stores! 

Who else went to the Antwerp Fashion Festival? Which stores did you go to? Do you think this event would be a good one to hold in your city? Would you visit? 



  1. Jutka & Rinska ziet er tof uit, klinkt echt heel leuk! :)

  2. Ik ben er ook geweest, was tof!

  3. Lijkt me leuk! Wat is die feather extension cool zeg :-)

  4. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Mooie feather extension, ik zet ze ook en ben er zelf ook gek op :)

  5. Leuke foto's! Die veerextension is gaaf! X

  6. Amazing post! I love the photos ^^
    I've contest at my blog, so you're invited to join it :)


  7. Die veerextensions vind ik heel mooi!

  8. J&R is altijd leuk! Ze hebben zulke leuke dingen!

    1. Daar ben ik inderdaad achter gekomen!

  9. great post! You've got a beautiful blog! would you love to follow each other? :) let me know on my blog!
    xoxo Cecilia

  10. Ziet er echt leuk uit :D Echt mooi zo'n feather extension!


  11. Jutka & Riska lijken me heel leuk!

  12. De sieraden bij Jutka & Rizka zijn echt heel gaaf!

  13. Ik ben er niet geweest, maar het ziet er leuk uit! x

  14. oh ik vond het ook echt leuk , AFF! Jutka & Riska = mijn favoriete winkel in Antwerpen! heb er ook iets over geschreven! ;)

    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy


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