Friday, August 16, 2013

Discover Goodreads

The Internet can be a fun place where you can share your interests with people, as we Bloggers do each time we publish a new article on our blog. Well, today I am writing about "Goodreads"!

Goodreads is an online community for people who like and/or love to read, can't remember all the books they have read, or wish to list the books they've read into different categories! Basically, it's for anyone who reads books, short stories and whatnot.

I am a proud member of Goodreads, you can find me here. For me the fun of this site is in making different lists (to-read, read, favorites, didn't-finish-the-book-cos-its-so-awful, etc) as it gives me a clear overview of what kind of books I've read, when I've read them and how many I've read! These lists also work as a mnemonic (= a reminder), when I try to recollect what books I like/love/don't-care-for/hate and more importantly, why I feel this way! Now, i dont always write a review, nor do I write long ones, but I add enough information so I remember what my feelings were or what happened in the book. I mean, do you still remember everything?! As mentioned before, Goodreads is an online community, this means you can add friends to your profile, talk with them about the books you've read, discuss book-related topics, compare the books you do or do not have in common, and join groups or virtual book clubs (I'm a part of the YA-group). The latter makes Goodreads great for discovering new books of your favorite genres! 

Another fun element is the book-challenge. I always aim to read more books because I never feel like I read enough (and I often read silly YA - Young Adult - fantasy books, i.e. love stories. Yup, I need my dosis of dramatic love. It's the best kind... in fiction, of course). With the challenge you decide how many books you would like to read in a year and once you've finished a book, just add it to Goodreads - with your thoughts and rating -  and the widget will automatically do the math for you. So, it will let you know how many more books you need to read in order to complete the challenge. It will also let you know if you're ahead of your schedule or falling behind.

Who has a Goodreads profile? What do you think? Do you find such an online community appealing? Do you have trouble remembering which books you've read and what you thought? So, are you ready to meet your next favorite book? Well, I want to read 30  books in 2013 and i've read 18 books so far! So, on that note.. I am going to continue reading "Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen now. :)

Happy reading everyone!



  1. Many of my friends are signed up on Goodreads, but unfortunately I am a slacker and don't read except during long stretches of vacation, when blogging is impossible, which is nearly never :( I do find it a nice way to keep track of what your friends are reading though!

    1. ah, yes. I fully understand! it's also so easy to get distracted when reading!

  2. Nog nooit van gehoord, maar het ziet er interessant uit.

  3. ik hou echt van goodreads, kijk er dikwijls eens op!

    1. Het is inderdaad niet iets waar je elke dag op zit, maar wel fijn om het proces bij te werken wanneer nodig :)

  4. I love this app!
    check out my latest post:


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