Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tutorial: Green + Cat Eye

Are you happy this crazy heat is over? I know I am! Except.. that it's raining right now. It's never good enough! Anywho, it not being so hot gave me the chance to finally test some colors of my 100 piece marble eyeshadow palette

This is the first (eye) make-up look I have done on my blog. Why has it taken me so long? Not wearing make-up everyday? Not having a professional camera? Not the right lighting? Not really seeing the (different) colors well on my eyes? Not really sure what in the world I am supposed to do? Whatever it was - if it wasn't for all those reasons - I had a go at it! 

Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. If desired, add primer to your lids. Then apply beige/skin color eyeshadow (#34) to your inner corner and slightly blend it. This will make your eyes pop more. 
  2. Add green to the middle of your lids and start blending it not going over your crease. I added two green colors, closer to the inner lid a lighter green (#56) and to the outer lid and crease a bluer green (#58). Blend, blend, blend. 
  3. To my outer V (the final part of your outer lid that has a somewhat V-shape) I applied a darker green (#59) just to add another color other than the dominating blue green in picture 2.
  4. Draw a cat eye with eyeliner, eye cream or an eye pencil. I created the cat eye with eye cream.
  5. Find your favorite black mascara and apply it to your upper and lower lashes.
  6. If you'd like to make your eyes look bigger then you can add white eye pencil to your waterline.

Find the matching numbers here:

Overview of products:

  • eyeshadow primer potion - Urban Decay
  • black cream eyeliner - E.L.F. Cosmetics 
  • white kajal pencil (#04) - Essence 
  • extreme black (#10) mascara - Clinique 
  • 100 piece marble eyeshadow palette - E.L.F. Cosmetics (#34, #56, #58 & #59)
  • professional blending eye brush - E.L.F. Cosmetics
  • professional eye liner brush - E.L.F. Cosmetics

I played around with this palette before and noticed that the lighter colors aren't as visible as I'd like them to be on my skin color. A pity, but luckily there are about 80 other colors that work just fine! I hope you enjoyed reading my first make-up tutorial and even more so.. found it useful. :-) If you have any pointers/ tips on how to improve my tutorials, then I'd love to hear them! 



  1. Mooie look dit mag je best vaker doen!

    1. Oké, top! Ben blij dat het bevalt!

  2. Heel erg mooi! Die kleur is zo mooi :D

  3. Wauw, dit is een erg mooie look! Ik snap inderdaad niet waarom je niet eerder een tutorial hebt gemaakt, want ik vind m erg goed gelukt en gefotografeerd!

  4. Prachtig, zo'n felle kleur staat je goed!

  5. Super mooi en ook duidelijk uitgelegd, mag je inderdaad vaker doen :D

  6. Wauw, wat een mooie look! En heel fijn uitgelegd ook :) xo

  7. Wauw meis! Echt mooi gedaan! Prachtige ogen heb je ook!


  8. oh wauw heel erg mooi meid! dat groen gaat je prachtig af

  9. Goed gedaan hoor, ik ben gek op felle ooglooks :-)

  10. Wauw, wat een supermooie look! Heel goed gedaan. :-)

  11. Mooie look! Ik vind de kleur heel erg mooi :-) Als ik oogschaduw draag, zou ik ook zoiets dragen. Lekker kleurrijk!

  12. Mooi gedaan! Handig die tips!

  13. Jeetje wat mooi,vooral ook bij de kleur van je ogen!

  14. leuke look! staat mooi bij je oogkleur !
    x Jana

  15. This really made your eyes pop! I have green eyes so I'd probably go 4 a darker color though!

  16. De kleur is echt heel mooi


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