Friday, July 5, 2013

Playing with Nail Polish

"If the color fits, wear it." - Essie

This lovely quote by Essie nail polish inspired me to do posts with nail art or simple nails that I had or designed. There won't be any tutorials on these nails, but if you would like one then feel free to contact me or request it via the comments. I could always update tutorials for popular nail designs. 

My neighbor was so kind to let me practice on her nails. The only condition was that I used the color blue because she had just given birth to two baby boys. So I came up with this simple creation. :) 

From time to time I babysit a cute and very hip little boy. His mom is just as cute and hip and she told me I could try out her big stash of nail polishes. Made my day! I had a go with this amazing color. Alas, I wasn't such a fan of the sand-effect. 

Another french manicure look but this one is more ombre and has loads of glitter. It felt like such a festive look! But glitters are always so difficult to remove. Downside! 

A simple and easy nude. This is one of my favorite nudes because it is so soft-looking but very shiny! That way it does not get boring but still stands out a bit.

That was it for today, ladies. I hope you enjoyed my little overview of (recent) nail designs and I am quite curious about yours. To go back to the Essie quote - which color fits you the best? 



  1. Love the first one! cute and simple :)

  2. Ik vind die French Manicure van glitters
    echt super mooi <3


  3. wow...they look great!
    You are so talented.

  4. oeeh die met glitter op de tips!

  5. Hoe mooi allemaal! Die met blauwe tipjes vind ik vooral erg leuk!

  6. Allemaal erg mooi! De glittertipjes vind ik het leukst denk ik :-)

  7. Heel mooi & je bent er echt goed in!


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