Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cocktails and friends


The sun is starting to appear more and more often so what better way to have some fun in the sun than to chat with your friends whilst holding a delicious a cocktail in your hand. And I did just that - minus the sun as she's no friend of mine at the moment - hosting a cocktail party for a bunch of male friends. The day turned out to be such a blast that we all ended up dancing and laughing.

So, what is a cocktail really? According to my lovely and trusted New Oxford American Dictionary it is "an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream". But we sort of knew that already, didn't we? I would like to share 3 cocktails I made with you all, this was for my boyfriend's birthday (this should explain why the party consisted of mainly dancing males) so we wanted to do some blue cocktails as that is his favorite color. We created Blue Lagoon, Oasis, Gin Fizz and a non-alcoholic one called Ginger Fizz. 

Blue Lagoon
This was my favorite cocktail of the night. Refreshing but sweet and wonderfully blue! The ingredients are: 1 part blue curacao, 1 part wodka, a drizzle of lemon juice (vague much?!) and lemon soft drink e.g. Sprite, 7up or Mountain Dew. Ah, you must be wondering: ''what in the world is 1 part?''. I know I did! 1 part of a spirit is 25 ml! 

1) pour blue curacao in a long drink glass or cocktail glass
2) now add the wodka to it
3) add the lemon juice then
4) fill the glass with your lemon soft drink of choice

This blue cocktail is very refreshing and .... All you are going to need is: ice cubes, 1 part blue curacao, 2 parts gin, soda water,  a slice of lemon and a leaf of mint as garnish. 

1) fill a long drink glass with ice cubes and pour the blue curacao and gin
2) stir the ingredients only once 
3) now add the cold soda water and stir it again
4) garnish it with a slice of lemon and a leaf of mint 

Gin Fizz 
This cocktail should be served in a long drink glass and it is supposed to be the predecessor to the more famous Gin and Tonic. The drink is very easy to make but is very strong and fizzy. You're going to need the following ingredients: 1,5 part gin, 1 teaspoon of sugar, a few thin slices of lemon zest, soda water and crushed ice. This cocktail is not supposed to be pink, but I thought it would be fun to use my home made pink sugar!

1) stir the gin, sugar and lemon zest until the sugar is dissolved
2) pour the combination into a long drink glass filled with crushed ice
3) add cold soda water until the long drink is full

Ginger Fizz
Last but not least, the non-alcoholic drink for those who'd rather not drink alcohol. This is yet another refreshing cocktail and it has a lovely soft flavor to it thanks to the mint. Besides fresh mint, you also need: ginger ale, crushed ice and raspberries (though I used a cherry). Easy-peasy and oh-so breezy, but watch out when you are shaking this drink! You know what happens when you shake sodas! 

1) Cut most of the mint as small as you can, but put a few leaves of mint to the side
2) Put the cut mint and ginger ale in a shaker (or a blender if you don't have one) and shake!
3) Pour this mixture through a strainer into a long drink glass filled with crushed ice
4) Garnish it with a leaf of mint and some raspberries 

An extra tip: if you want to be really precise about your cocktails then these are some good instruments to use! A jigger (to calculate the exact measurements of the spirits), a shaker (to shake),  and a stirrer (to stir). All the recipes come from the gigantic book: "1001 cocktails" by Alex Barker & F. van Dijk.

Your turn! What is your favorite cocktail?



  1. Nice drinks! Ik ben echt dol op cocktails en deze zien er lekker uit! :)

  2. Blue lagoon is mijn favoriet!

  3. Hmm.. ziet er heerlijk, maar ook
    echt super leuk uit! :o


  4. yumm ziet er heerlijk uit, cocktails zijn zo lekker!!


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