Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Space Nails

Space: the final frontier. Where you explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations. Where you can boldy go where  no woman has gone before. But not without your matching space nails! Gosh, how cheesy

So, how does one become a perfectly styled astronaut? It takes time and quite some prepping. You are going to need many different colored nail polishes and a sponge (or maybe two). With a dotting tool you can make stars or comets. Instead of giving you a written tutorial, I am going to share this tutorial with you! It is easy to follow and fun to try!

My younger sister wanted these space nails so I tried to recreate it for her. After a long time of sponging and dotting this is what I came up with. Now, I was so excited about the nails that I took pictures without cleaning up her fingers completely, so the sides are still a bit messy. Oh well. There you go.

Space nails

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and please do show me your version! Or if you have a different tutorial you like, please share! I am very interested in seeing the different kinds of space nails. :)



  1. Super gaaf :d


  2. Dit vind ik nou echt een mooie nailart, ook met die kleuren, wordt het ten minste niet zo druk C:

    1. Hi Leo! Dank je wel, dat waardeer ik! ^_^

  3. I adore everything that has to do with space including this!


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