Sunday, June 2, 2013

Green Nail Polish

Green is not just for the wicked! Granted, it can look witchy but it can also look classy and cute! My collection of green nail polish is not that big yet, but I am working on it. In the mean time, here is an overview of my (not so witchy) green nails! 

I just realized I have more green nail polish than I thought. That means I have another goal in life. Try them all out and take good pictures this time. Now, on to the first color... this was a long time ago. I had just bought my first stickers and wanted to try them out. I ended up with some sort of french manicure, but with a twist. I really love this color of green :) It was quite simple to make; placing a green manicure line on my nail and adding 3 stickers of flowers on each nail was all. Also, a top coat. 

Same color of green, but a simple french.

I know this colour does not look very green, but when you enlarge it you will notice it is a mixture between green, blue and silver. Quite an amazing color that looks just a bit different with every move your fingers make. 

Fruity green by "Essence", a very affordable make-up line with quite a variety of nail polish. The color is very summery and it only needs one or two coats of nail polish. I used this color for my Fruity Nails.

Ok, ok. I admit, this one could sort of be a witchy kind of green.. or perhaps it is because I took the picture in the dark. I should stop taking pictures at random moments (the blue-green-silver color was taken whilst waiting for the train). 

Notice how I am very bad/inconsequent at cleaning the sides of my nails before taking a picture of them?! I just get so excited, dang it. At least blogging about my nails has made me very self conscious about it, so something to work on! What do you think about green nail polish? 



  1. Love it! My favorite look is the one with the flowers. So adorable! :D

  2. the one with the flowers is so pretty!
    in the holidays, you must teach me your secret! :D

  3. I love all of these different looks but the first with the flowers...perfect!!


  4. My favourite is the second one, so beautiful and original!
    Naomi, x

    1. Thank you, Naomi!
      I appreciate that :)


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