Monday, June 10, 2013

Archery: another attempt

It's an old picture. Bad quality. Sorry!
A couple of years ago I discovered archery on a trip to a history park in the Netherlands. I am usually not a fan of weapons, but shooting with a bow and arrow had something elegant about it. And I did hit the target, which motivated me greatly.. Yet nothing happened. 

Flash forward to now, my boyfriend and I went to a fair and he had a surprise for me. Apparently, he knew that they had a bow and arrow shooting game. I was excited because it gave me the opportunity to try it again. I really wish to learn it at some sort of club, but due to lack of time I have not done so. But hey! It is on my Quarter Life Bucker List

I did not do really well, because I did not get a prize. Oh well! I think my arm is not supposed to get bruised either, I do not know why that happens. It happened the first time too! See, this is why I need to actually learn it! But all and all, it was fun. Best part of the fair... next to cotton candy and slush puppies. 

Yeah, I'm sticking to drinking slush puppies for now.

The fair used to be more fun when I was younger. Now I just tend to get nauseous when I go in rides. Oh, old age! What's your favorite activity at a fun fair?



  1. ´I did not do really well, because I did not get a prize´

    I think the other way around, Natas. Nice article +'

  2. This is brilliant! Looking super hawt with that bow and arrow, Nat!


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