Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lipstick Review of Eyes Lips Face

My exams are finally over, hallelujah, so now it is time to focus on fun things again. A little while ago I bought loads of make-up products from an inexpensive brand called e.l.f. (it stands for "eyes lips face").  This is why you can expect quite some beauty reviews in the upcoming posts. I would like to start with the different lipsticks I bought. 

E.l.f. offers two different lipstick lines and I am going to test four lipsticks from the "Essential" line. Now, let’s talk about practical matters. The lipstick tube looks simple but does the trick. All tubes are silver greyish, show a trace of the lipstick color in the middle and contain 3.5 g (0.12 oz) of lipstick. The top goes off easily, but twisting the tube open did not go as smoothly.

Swatches on my hand: Posh, Gypsy, Seductive and Fantasy

The first lipstick is called "Posh" (#7706) and has a deep pink color. This color is the easiest to apply and has the most pigment, but it doesn't smell as pleasant as the other three lipsticks. 

The second lipstick is called "Gypsy" (#7704) and also has pink in it with purple undertones. On my skin and lips it has a hot pinkish color and does not need as many layers of lipstick as the last two do, but it still needs some good rubbing. 

The third lipstick is called "Seductive" (#7703) and has lots of soft pink in it. The color is quite lovely but it needs many applications before you get a reasonable pigment. 

The fourth and last lipstick is called "Fantasy" (#7701) and is a very soft brown color with pink undertones. For my skin tone it is a great nude color. This color needs quite some applications too. 

All the lipsticks do not give off the exact color that they have in the tube (as seen in the pictures) but they do have a pleasant scent and feel very smooth on my lips. According to e.l.f. the lipstick has a long lasting color and shine and softens the lips. They certainly are very soothing and hydrating. I believe this is why you need to apply more layers to lighter and / or softer shades of lipstick. You also need to re-apply the lipsticks after a while. All and all, I have to say I am satisfied with what the lipsticks offer and how much I paid for it. 

What about you?! Do you have e.l.f. lipstick too? If, so what do you think? If not, which color do you like the most? And if you're interested you can order the lipsticks online (for dutch speakers / for english speakers ) for only €1 (or dollar). What did I not mention that before?! 



  1. Mooie kleurtjes, zien er goed uit!

  2. De kleuren vind ik best mooi, vooral seductive. De namen zijn ook best leuk trouwens :) vind alleen de verpakking niet mooi maarja wat wil je voor 1 euro :P

    1. Ze hebben erg leuke namen! En inderdaad, voor 1 euro.. is het prima!

  3. Wauw, alle kleuren staan je eigenlijk fantastisch!
    Ik vind Posh het mooist!


    1. Dank je wel! Ik denk dat Posh en Fantasy mijn favorieten zijn ^_^

  4. I don't have any of these but I do own a couple of lipstick and lipbalms from e.l.f.'s mineral and studio line and those are great.

    1. The mineral line looks great too! I wonder if they're just as hydrating.

  5. Great POst.
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  6. Mooie kleuren staan je goed hoor!


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