Monday, May 20, 2013

Recipe Book Binder

I like to give myself gifts.. so I can unwrap them.. What, don't you?!

Dille en Kamille is a wonderful store that sells bio-friendly and natural goods for your home. Whenever I visit it, I love to walk around and just fantasize about what my kitchen or dinner table could look like. Oh, the simple pleasures in life! The other day I found a ravioli cutter that I would like to buy somewhere in the near future, but for now I bought a recipe book binder. I have many cooking books (there's really no limit to how many a person should have) but once in a while I make changes to a recipe that turn out well.. or I just mix herbs, spices and other ingredients that seem appealing to me.. and you know, every now and then it works! Always writing my notes on random papers scattered all over the kitchen and my desk just to lose them and start all over again really was not that effective anymore. So, I decided to write down my own dishes or dishes my mom taught me in some sort of binder. I wanted a simple book binder that was easy to use and the one I bought was perfect. A good and lifelong buy!

The front, pretty right!


I can't wait to start writing down my recipes. Let's hope my messy handwriting won't ruin it all! ^_^



  1. Wat een leuke blog heb jij zeg! En ik hou echt van de Dille & Kamille, iedere keer als ik er binnenkom, wil ik alles kopen! :D

    1. Dank je wel, Hannah!
      Ja, ik heb precies hetzelfde. Ik kan er helemaal wegdromen :)

  2. Wow, I never knew such nice and well designed cook books are made. It's so stylistic rather than the drab american published cookbooks.

    1. Hmm, you should show me some examples! Would be interesting to compare. I'll try out your recipes soon :) Once I get to rest a bit!

  3. Dit lijkt me een leuk boek! Ik hou sowieso van Dille & kamille winkeltje!


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