Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quarter Life Bucket List

After having thought about it for quite some time, I decided to create a quarter life bucket list. You can find the page on the left underneath my introduction or click on the link in this post. It has given me some purpose in life, more than just finishing school, and it is a good way to think about what I want from life at this very moment. I am sure not all my goals will be achieved quickly, but it is something to work towards and I would like to share it with you all. :) 

If you had a look at the page, you would have noticed that 3 things are already marked off.

  • Move out of my parents' house.
  • Host a great party.
  • Live abroad.

  • I have lived in Madrid (Spain) for 6 months for my exchange and I am currently living in Belgium. Even though it is a neighboring country of the Netherlands, life is different here! This implies that I no longer live with my parents. Hm, parties? I love throwing parties and in my humble opinion I think some of them were great. So, that's that. 

    Let's hope I get lots of things done on my bucket list!! Do you have one? 



    1. Replies
      1. Yes, I don't do it enough :P haha

    2. This is a great idea. I can imagine most of them being crossed within a few years. Many are quite easy to do, and if you knock out a few of the health ones you've got most down ^.^

      Never thought about making my own, but perhaps I should. Gives you something to strive for.

      1. Yeah, exactly! A way of enriching your life with things you find interesting.. or never get around to doing due to .. whatever! Yes, you should! Let me know if you have one :)

    3. This is awesome! Makes me want to create a quarter life bucket list too hahaha

    4. Oh the bucket list! How I started creating one last year..wait! Where is the list I created? Oh well! Never too late to make one again, is it? :D


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