Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pink Velvet Cake

The frosting is still gooey here, but I'm such an excited noob so I took pics already.

My boyfriend is a real sweet tooth who will buy me candies and chocolates but strangely so when I am finally in the mood for something sweet I find an empty box and hear a -manly- giggle behind me. So he promises to buy me new candies and this is how the cycle repeats itself. 

However, I do not mind that much... generally. It takes away my temptation, though I am not that fond of sweet stuff, anyways. I like fatty foods. Not the point of this post, ok. Focusing now. His sweet tooth allows me to bake lots and lots of cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Haven't tried other things yet. My first try at a cake was "Pink Velvet Cake", it is pink simply because I do not have red food coloring at the moment. I have never eaten a velvet cake before so I have no idea if my cake tasted the way it should. I do know it was really yummy! That was probably because of the white chocolate I used for my frosting :)

I used this website as a guideline but had to adjust it to the materials that I was using! Look forward to the day I will have a go at the actual recipe (velvet cupcakes)..  ^_^ 



  1. I really love the idea of pink velvet cake! Looks delicious Natasja.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jasmine ^_^
      You should have some at my place (when we have a social life again)!

  3. Oh! I've seen the red one, now the pink one... you should make a blue one! Nomnom!


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