Saturday, May 25, 2013

One of the more intriguing classes that I am following is an introduction to the study of literature in English; going back to the first written manuscript of a story in English, "Beowulf", in ca. 800 B.C. to a collection of postmodern short stories by Maxine Hong Kingston (a Chinese-American female author). 

The class has two main foci, namely providing as much historical context as possible about a specific period in which certain poetry, prose and plays were written and in-depth analysis of the literature. It is well-balanced providing us students with a clear overview of why certain texts had tension, different structures or how the novel was able to develop. The only down side is that the class is given during two terms, which means the study material is humongous. It is fortunate that I am intrigued by most stories, developments and writers; I do not know how else I would have kept myself motivated enough to do the weekly work, always be prepared for a possible test, pass all these unannounced tests. So, at least I have somewhat of a head start. This, especially, because there are only a couple of days left before I have the exam. Still, I remain somewhat hopeful. Wish me luck.

I like to keep my desk organized...

This is only volume A. 

To all of you who are cramming too.. Good luck! Make sure you rest plenty :) 



  1. studying English Literature I see... I haven't even started learning for that one... First I've got to study my French Literature >.<

    1. oh no!! when is your French exam? :O I have a Spanish exam the day before Eng. Lit. but I am prioritizing xD


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