Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Made Body Scrub

These were given to my mother, my boyfriend's mother and my friendly neighbor as a Christmas present.

It is much more fun when you make gifts for others, rather than buying something for them. Especially when it comes to beauty (cosmetic) products that have many chemical components. So following Martha Stewart's wise way of live, I decided to have a go at creating my own natural products. Luckily, the opportunity to give gifts arose with Christmas. Also, I finally had some free time. My boyfriend and I were thinking of what we could give to our moms and we came to the conclusion that body scrubs would be a good and fairly easy present to make. I looked online for different ways of creating it and eventually I ended up combining instructions. 

It is obvious that these were made a while back, long before I started my blog, so I do not have pictures of the process nor did I write down my version of the combined instructions (have a look at the post "Recipe Book Binder" to understand what a hot mess I am when it comes to organizing lately) so I cannot provide you with exact instructions on these home made body scrubs, but hit me up with questions and I will do my best to give you the right links or details on products! I am sure my scattered mind can think of some things. :) Also, once I start posting more recent crafts, baking, cooking and all that jazz, I'll be sure to add more photos and more information on the recipes, links, etc. My apologies for the inconvenience!!!



  1. Oh! So cute! <3 I love making presants for people. Sometimes they think you did it because it's cheaper that way, sadly that is not always the case. I just like all the love you get to pour in to making a gift. Did they like them?

    1. Yes, exactly. When you make a gift you're actually creating something for someone because you want to, you care to. So it's much more meaningful. They loved it :) Dylan's mom started promoting it to her friends so we gave a couple away just for the hell of it. Sharing is caring after all :P What's your favorite thing to make for others?

  2. That is an awesome idea :D I've started making my own body scrub too, not just cause it's cheaper, but there's no nasty chemical crap in it.

    I make mine with 3/4 part ground up coffee, 1/4 part brown sugar and then enough olive oil to turn it into a paste :)

    1. Thank you! Oh, surely that must smell really good :)


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