Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fruity Nails

Over a year ago I graduated from college and I was going to start with a new bachelor's degree, but this meant I still had to wait for about nine months before I could. My first month of freedom I really enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. It was beautiful. After that period I decided to look for a job but this didn't go as easily as I had wanted it to so I quickly became bored out of my mind. It was clear that I needed new hobbies; doing absolutely nothing wasn't fun anymore - yes, this is possible. Remarkable, right? I decided to be more creative with my nails and looked for fun videos and articles online. 

These "fruity nails" are one of my favorites. I used this video and tried to fit it to what I like. The nails take quite some time to make but they end up looking so glossy and colorful yet subtle. Please don't mind the amateuristic photos, I'm no good at them. Still wanted to share them with you :) 



  1. Oh, pretty. Granted I know little about nail design but I hung out with a friend of mine once while she was getting her nails done and they didn't look this nice :)


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