Friday, May 17, 2013

Exams are coming..

Something I'm definitely not looking forward to. There's so much to do and I've so very little time left. Unfortunately we've not been given a week to cram before the exams start. Instead we have the exams right after the week our classes are finished. To make things worse I have 3 tests in my final week of classes. These tests are part of the exam I will have a couple of days later, I suppose that is doable. Just not so much when you have an exam the next day of a literary class that I've been taking all year.. Especially so when the study material consists of about 6.000 pages and we won't be told what to focus on but a week in advance. So, I've decided... That I'm f*cked...

... I should study now.



  1. Go study! Start your day with a dance, start it with a smile, because when you're happy in the morning you'll be happy all day!

    1. haha, thank you for your kind words :P I'll do my best ^^


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